Womens Wellness Workshops

Our aim is to provide the highest possible care for women as they transition through their key life phases.

We are here to offer evidence based advice with a holistic approach to support you with both the physical and mental aspect of these changes.

C-section Recovery Workshop

Around 1 in 4 births in the UK are a c-section delivery. C-sections can be elected or emergency. Some c-section births are blissful, calming and truly wonderful experiences, others may experience an incredibly traumatic birth that leaves lasting effects.

During this 90 minute workshop with Julie, our scar therapist and post natal specialist, you will learn:

– About your scar and the different stages of the healing process

– Massage techniques to soften your scar and to encourage good healing

– Exercises to reconnect your core following surgery

– Nutrition to support your recovery

– Stretching to release the typical post natal aches and pains

It’s perfect for
– women who have had a c-section birth over 12 weeks ago
– women who want to learn how to look after their new scar
– women who want to return to exercise safely following a c-section
– women who want to learn more about their scar and the impact it has on their body

During the 90 minute workshop you will experience some self massage on your scar, under the tuition of a scar therapist. There will be a presentation about how your scar heals and the various stages of scar healing.

You will learn core exercises that are safe to do following a c-section and stretches to ease aching muscles that are affected most during this post natal period.

Managing the menopause Workshop

The menopause can be a challenging time for many women, whether it is the hot sweats, the sleepless nights or the brain fog, to name just a few of the symptoms, however there is help.

A holistic approach to the menopause has been proven to be effective; using exercise, mindfullness, managing your diet, finding ways to reduce stress can all have a really positive impact on your menopausal health.

Join Sam for this 90 minute workshop to discuss ways you can make the menopause more manageable by implementing some small changes.

This workshop is perfect for


  • Women approaching or going through the menopause
  • Women wanting to find simple yet effective solutions for managing their symptoms
  • Womens wanting to take control of how they approach the menopause

During this 90 minute workshop Sam will discuss the menopause symptoms and how to find ways to help manage them.

You’ll do a practical workshop to understand how exercise can help you to improve your heart, lung, muscular and bone health.

You’ll learn some breathing and relaxation techniques to help aid with sleep and managing stress

Post Natal Back Pain Workshop

Back pain in the post natal period is so common and so uncomfortable. As if looking after a new born baby is challenging enough on it’s own – if you throw in constant or even sporadic pain, everything seems 10 times harder!

During this 90 minute workshop with Julie, Post Natal Massage Therapist and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, you will learn stretches, self massage techniques that can help calm and relax your muscles and some core exercises to reconnect your core following child birth.

This workshop is perfect for new mums with any age child, whether they are new born babies or toddlers. 

A simple break down of the anatomy of your spine and pelvis to help you better understand where pain comes from.

A series of stretches, releases and self massage techniques to help reduce pain and improve posture

Pelvic floor, core and glute exercises to strengthen your back and surrounding muscles to help support your spine.

Active 6

Join Jason for 6 weeks of focused conditioning, cardiovascular and core training.
Over the 6 week period you will work towards improving your strength, your core and cardiovascular fitness.
Using weights, kettle bells, body weight exercises, resistance bands and the TRX you’ll get a whole body workout leaving you feeling energised, fitter and healthier.
This class is definitely one for the ‘hard core’ exerciser!

Happy Barre Class

Stretch, tone, lengthen and ‘pointe’ your way through this beautiful ballet inspired Barre class.
We mix Plies, Tendus, Jetes and arabesques with arm strengthening work, leg and butt work and core stability work. No previous ballet experience is required, although ex-ballerinas are more than welcome too as there are PLENTY of options!


Sam goes above and beyond for all of us and is really understanding and lovely all of the time. She is able to adapt the session for whoever comes to suit their ability. She does this all in her stride and never fully knows who will be there at each workout group so needs to be able to adapt quickly. I wouldn't go to anyone else now that I know Sam. She makes you feel at ease right away and actually happy to exercise which is no easy feat!

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman

Heavenly, Homely, Thoughtful. I learnt so much and none of it was daunting or challenging - everything would be achievable to redo and build a habit at home.

Sleep Retreat

The scar massage was amazing, Julie is great at making you feel at ease and defintely knows her stuff.

Scar Therapy