Sound Therapy

- a practice using sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

I am fully qualified and insured to offer a wide range of holistic therapies. All of my treatments are underpinned by the principles of seasonal yoga and the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.





Reflexology & Foot Reading

Sound Healing

Yoga & Mindful Movement

Day Retreats


My treatments are often complemented by aromatherapy, crystal healing and have astrological influences. Each treatment is unique and adapted to the needs of my client on the day.

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Emma is an energy healer and massage therapist, with a specialism in rest & relaxation.


As a busy working mum and entrepreneur, I understand the challenge of trying to juggle life’s responsibilities alongside self care. Its been something I’ve struggled with my whole life and ultimately what allows me to understand and support my clients to achieve balance.


I have always had a deep connection with Holistic Therapies and gained my first qualifications in 2003, training in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Body Massage and Indian Head Massage.


Since that time I have been lucky enough to train with some of the most wonderful teachers in Seasonal Yoga, Foot Reading, Reiki and Sound Healing. All the skills I have learned I now intuitively blend together in my treatments as The Holistic Butterfly.


I am passionate about holistic healing and helping my clients to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Each of my treatments is unique, tailored to your needs on the day and always sprinkled with a bit of mischief and magic.


I am so pleased to be able to offer my therapies from tranquil oasis at the Happy Body Project. My treatment room is a safe space for you to be (or discover) the true you. I am fully inclusive of all people and cultures and actively encourage celebration of authenticity.


Fun fact about me: Feet are my favourite part of the human body. As a holistic therapist they tell me so much about my clients. Through reflexology, foot reading and energy healing, the physical and emotional effects of your everyday life can be seen across them. It never fails to amaze me.




‘Energy Healing and Gong Therapy Practitioner Diploma’

Each of the Dragon Gong Journeys Duo has achieved this qualification in a ‘face to face’ Classroom setting at the Earth Spirit Centre.


Gong Journeying Group Events

Private 1-2-1 – Gong Journeying Therapeutic Experience

Private Small Group – Gong Journeying Session

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Dragon Gong Journeys is made up of a duo of passionate Gong Practitioners, who love to run  ‘Pure Gong’ Journeying Group events with supporting instruments such as bells and rain-sticks. One of the duo starts and ends each journey with a short guided relaxation and some reflective thoughts; to further enhance the experience. Their journeying events are one of powerful sound and vibration, marked within their own unique energy, experience and touch.

The Dragon Gong Journeys duo invite you to come along and discover the wonders of the gong! Their intention is to offer something different and new with a musical, calm and soothing approach supporting mind and body wellness. The duo aim to create a safe, relaxing and peaceful environment whilst attendees lie or sit. Perhaps take their offering as a new experience – a time to self indulge and relax – a time to enjoy hearing something musically different – get to meet other similar minded folk.

Dragon Gong Journeys regularly run large events, smaller intimate group experiences and private workshops in Hitchin, Herts and the surrounding areas. They are so excited to join the Happy Body Project and spread the magical vibes and sound of their gongs within Bedfordshire.

Look out for regular group events in the Happy Body Project yurts, which you are welcome to book yourself onto.

Dragon Gong Journeys work as a tight team and met almost 6 years ago at a conscious embodied dance musical setting. Their journey of sound and movement has continued to evolve ever since in their work practices, personal development and interests.

To learn more about Dragon Gong Journeys and their events follow link:<>

Contact Details:


Telephone: 07588 873420

Upcoming Events:




    • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

    • Sound Healing Practitioner

    • Crystal Healing Practitioner
    • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator



Reiki 1 Hour – £50

Sound Bath 1 hour – £50

Ultimate Package,  (includes Reiki + Sound or Crystal healing ) 90 min – £70

Cacao Ceremony 1:1 90 min –  £90

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About Donna:

I began my journey with different healing modalities back in 2016 when I experienced Sound Healing for myself and fell in love. I have now set out to help others in the same way Sound, Crystals and Reiki have helped me!

I use Sound therapy, Crystal healing and Reiki energy healing to help people feel more balanced, relaxed and aligned within themselves. I believe everybody needs some relaxation and help for their mental, physical and emotion wellbeing, and I love to be able to provide that to people using a range of modalities.

Reiki, Sound and working with Crystals have changed my life, and I cannot wait to share these beautiful gifts with you.

I am a mum and wife also, so when I am not helping others in this way, I enjoy spending time in nature with my large family!

Mobile: 07355 379240


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