Life Coaching

- is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment


    • L2 Certificate in Counselling skills

    • L3 Certificate in Counselling

    • L4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

    • L5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

    • BSc (Hons) Physics

    • PGCE Science Education



Individual Person-Centred counselling: Working with adults experiencing difficulties around identity, self-worth, abuse, depression, anxiety, family & relationships, loneliness, bereavement & grief and various other unresolved issues from the past.

Transformation coaching: Working with individuals to achieve the mindset shift needed to develop a paradigm which enhances their belief system so they can channel their energy productively and achieve whatever goals they set their hearts on.

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About Anthonia:

“Migrating to the UK from Nigeria as an adult, I had no idea how much learning and unlearning I would need to do. The challenges came at me fast and furious. Professionally, the challenges were tough, but I managed. When I started to struggle with parenting and other relationships however, the bottom fell out of my world. Surrounded by so many struggles, I questioned my worth and who I was. I was in a dark place.

My journey to finding answers to my questions led me to get counselling and birthed in me the desire to help others find answers to their questions. As a counsellor and life coach, I aim to create an enabling environment for others to find light in their darkness and move towards a brighter and more fulfilled life.

When I am not working, I enjoy visiting new places, once I get past the hassles of packing and making my way there, both of which I would gladly skip if I somehow could!”

Mobile: 07518 421096



BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Marketing
Level 3 Diploma Reflexology
Pregnancy Reflexology
Seren Fertility Reflexology
Level 3 Diploma Nutrition
Level 3 Diploma Health Coaching
Women’s Hormone Health
Member of Professional Associations:
Association of Reflexologists (AOR)
Association of Naturopaths (ANP)
UK and International Health Coaches Association (UKIHCA)


Fertility Reflexology
Pregnancy Reflexology
Women’s Health Coaching
(With add-on of hormone testing)


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I worked in the corporate world for many years and would often feel stressed. I realised there was
no real support for feeling that way and I managed my symptoms through holistic therapies and
nutrition. I took a reflexology qualification at the London School of Reflexology and then additional
qualifications in pregnancy and fertility reflexology (I trained with Barbara Scott who works in
fertility centres throughout the UK). I have loved supporting women with reflexology.

I took a further qualification in health coaching. Health coaching looks at what is going on with
your health and lifestyle. Often we don’t realise how external factors can be impacting how we
feel, and this can have a knock-on effect on our health, take stress for example.

I look at your stress levels, sleep, digestion, mood, hormonal health, movement and nutrition, to
name but a few and see how you can make changes for the better. The changes are personalised to
you and I explore what will help make a difference to your health. You are supported along the
way, and this accountability can help you to stay motivated, and keep you on track.

I have also done additional training in hormonal health, so have a real understanding of how
hormones impact women. Supporting hormonal health can really make a difference in how we can
feel. If required, at home testing can be done, to get an idea of what is going on for you, looking
not only at female sex hormones but also cortisol and key hormone metabolites.

I work flexible times at the Happy Body Project

Mobile: 0777 2547809


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