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Holistic Core Restore® Heat

It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.

Six small group classes (maximum of 10 ladies)

Online members area with on demand access to exercise videos, stretch sequences and self care and relaxation videos

Post natal women

Women returning to exercise
Women who don’t want to run, jump or do burpees!

Women wanting to feel energised rather than exhausted after exercise

Holistic Core Restore® Express

Whole Body Vibration is also excellent for improving muscle mass without lifting ADDITIONAL weights and therefore improving your muscle mass and metabolism, helping you balance better, improve your bone health and your cardiovascular fitness. Overall, a brilliant addition to an already successful program that busy women everywhere truly appreciate as part of their commitment to lifelong health and vitality.

Practically every woman would benefit from this program, whether you are newly post natal or approaching or have been through the menopause. There is no better time to start looking after your core and pelvic floor than right now.

Due to the nature of the Power Plate there are some conditions that are contra-indicated for the Power Plate. These include Osteoporosis, pregnant ladies, people going through cancer treatment, migraine sufferers, people with a pacemaker and people with epilepsy.

If you are unsure then please talk to us and we can happily guide you to the correct program.

Six one to one bespoke sessions to help you connect with your entire body, especially your core and pelvic floor

All the kit you need to complete the sessions both in person and at home

Access to the Holistic Core Restore® Members area where you’ll find videos to support your journey from weeks 1-6

Holistic Core Restore® Recovery

HCR® Recovery isn’t simply a ‘fitness programme’. We have truly re-imagined what it is to truly be supported post POP or Hysterectomy Surgery or be supported in your life with a POP Diagnosis.

It’s a fully HOLISTIC foundation to your future health. We’ll educate you about your surgery and make the science very simple. We’ll teach you to lift and manage pressure in your core for LIFE. We’ll help you understand the importance of maintaining and improving your bone health, cardiovascular health, gut and bowel health RIGHT NOW as a means of supporting your Pelvic Health!

Holistic Core Restore® Recovery is for women who have had a hysterectomy or other abdominal surgery. It is also for women who are either living Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) or recovering from POP surgery who know they need to return to a ‘moving life’ but want to do so in a way that is respectful and supportive of their new ‘health status’.

8 one to one sessions which may include pelvic floor and core exercises, massage therapy, stretches and release work.

It is completely tailored to your needs and designed to ‘meet you EXACTLY where you are now’ by supporting this lifephase with real-world solutions and support over a time-frame that suits your needs.

Holistic Core Restore® Fit To run

Over the course of six weeks, we will cover all the key areas of running and walking with strength, comfort and ease. We’ll cover MOBILITY, ACTIVATION, STABILITY AND STRENGTH for all the key areas associated with walking and running resilience – the foot, ankle, hips, lumbar region and spine. The programme progresses gradually every week and you’ll be provided supportive and bespoke homework for you including soft-tissue self-care.

We’re not guaranteeing that you’ll end up beating Mo Farrah any time soon but we will be giving you the tools to help you ‘control your controllables’ when it comes to the most common injuries women who run have to deal with.

6 small group sessions with a Holistic Core Restore® Fit to Run coach.

Access to the Fit to Run members area where you’ll find videos of the soft tissue/self massage work and strength exercises for you to do at home.

You’d like to simply feel more comfortable when performing the running or walking that you love
You’d like to understand your body better and be taught how to rid yourself of simple niggles that spoil your enjoyment of your sport for yourself!!
You’d like to be able to run or walk for longer and feel stronger – and maybe want to enter a longer race or walk event confidently

You know that your mobility or stiffness in certain areas of your body is holding you back from really enjoying your run or walk

You want to work with a EXPERT Coach who can incorporate Pelvic Floor exercise into your running programme.

Want to work with an EXPERT Coach who will screen for and take into consideration your Pelvic Health status BEFORE programming movement – BECAUSE THAT MATTERS!!!
Are you afraid of leaking when you’re running? Do you have pain with running? Or maybe you’re wanting to get back to running after injury? IF YES, THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU!

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