Qigong Class – 17th September 11.30 – 1.30pm hosted by Sam at Aurora Star

Introduction to Qigong Workshop

On Sunday 17th September 2023, just as we begin to move into the “yin” time of the year, I am holding an “introduction to Qigong” workshop at The Happy Body Project in Wilstead, Bedfordshire.

This will be a 2 hour workshop where we will learn the basics of Qigong.

Held in one of the beautiful yurts at the Happy Body Project, in the middle of the Bedfordshire countryside (weather permitting we might be able to be outside!) I will teach you the basics of Qigong, and begin a simple flow routine using the Ji Ben Qigong postures. Come along and see if you can feel the energy flow within yourself.

In Qigong there are literally thousands of different flows and postures to learn, you will never get bored, however, the Ji Ben Gong flow set is a great place to start to build up the Qi, to learn about energy in the body and to establish a steady, foundational Qigong practice.

The Ji Ben Qi Gong are eight simple moving exercises which are primarily designed to teach a person how to move their body in the “correct way” (and that way is what is correct for you and your own body). They are designed to help a person restructure their form and sink their Qi through relaxation in order to build energy and strength to nourish their organs. Each exercise is based around awareness of the body and breath, unifying them in order to circulate Qi through key internal pathways within the body.

So, if building strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, focus, calmness, mindfulness and longevity are something you want to bring into your life, in an easy, gentle way, then this workshop is for you.

If you attend the workshop and love it (which I hope you will) I will be following this on with a four week evening class throughout October to carry on this beginners flow.

Introduction to Qigong workshop – Sunday 17th September 11.30am – 1.30pm Price; £25 @ Yurt 1 The Happy Body Project

Beginners 4 week Qigong course – starts Monday 2nd October 5pm – 6pm (and thereafter each Monday for four weeks, until 23rd October) Price; £44 @ Yurt 1, The Happy Body Project.

To book on these courses email me on samaurorastarlacey@gmail.com , or Whatsapp / text me on 07890038677 (if you attend the workshop, you don’t have to sign up for the four week course, and vice versa)

Places are limited, first come first served basis.

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