About Sam

Sam has been an avid fitness fan her whole life. She enjoys weight training, cycling, kettlebell training and swimming.

Sam specialises in women’s fitness, especially the areas of menopause and post hysterectomy recovery. She has helped many women through the menopause using exercise, nutrition and ‘down training’ to keep the typical symptoms of the menopause at bay.

Sam has a particular interest in the effects of the menopause on your core and pelvic floor, she has recently complete the Burrell Education Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations Course and is continuing her studies with the Burrell Education MenoStrength® course which is an education program for strength training through the peri-menopause years.

“My passion lies in wanting to support and help women at every stage of their journey. Having experienced the challenge of a hysterectomy at an early age, I really wanted to become more educated in restoring and healing the body and am particularly interested in the menopause. I feel very privileged to be part of the Holistic Core Restore team as it fully backs up my approach to health and wellbeing for women.

I am a mum to two teenage children, and understand how important it is for women when their children have flown the nest to find themselves again and start investing back in themselves.”


NASM Personal Trainer
Holistic Core Restore® Coach
Burrell Education Menostrength
Burrell Education Optimal Health after Hysterectomy
Pelvic Floor and Core Graduate
3rd age Woman – Menopause
Breast Cancer Rehab Coach