Escape from the world and take some much needed time out.

Our retreats are designed to give you space to switch off, to recharge your body and mind and to experience a new level of self care.

The Happy Body Retreat

On Sunday 3rd July we will be hosting another one of our famous retreats; As some of you might remember, our retreats all have a bit of a theme. 

This one is all about a celebration of our BODY. We are celebrating how it moves, what it capable of, how we can look after it, how we can strengthen it, stretch it and ultimately how we can LOVE IT!


During the day we will be sharing with you:

2 different exercise sessions – suitable for all levels. One is about trying new things, moving in new ways, challenging yourself. The other is about learning things you can do at home to stay fit and well by using things that are easily accessible and great for moving your body.

Yoga in our yurt – Vanessa will be taking you though a gorgeous Vinyasa flow yoga class, to build core strength and flexibility.

Lunch – our amazing lunch will be provided by the Bountiful Table, who create the most delicious, healthy food. 

Nutrition workshop: Kellie will be joining us for an hour long presentation about fuelling yourself for your workout and what food is best for you after your workout. 

Finally we finish with a relaxation, self massage, foam roll and trigger point workshop where you will learn to look after your muscles using some really effective, yet simple techniques.

It’s going to be a jam packed day of incredible information, super workouts and getting to know and love your body and all that it can do.

Our previous retreats have all booked up almost immediately so if you are interested then get in quick!

The Happy Body Retreat Schedule


Meet the team of therapists and experts who will be guiding you through your workshops

Move Your Body workout

In this workshop we will use a variety of different pieces of fitness equipment to move your body, have a sweat, learn new exercises and challenge yourself. 

Comfort break 

Vinyasa Flow

Vanessa will be guiding you through a beautiful Vinyasa flow in our yurt. Stretch your body, strengthen your core and breath deeply. The yurt is surrounded by the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside, so it’s the perfect location to switch off from the world and focus on your body. 


Lunch is provided by the Bountiful Table. Their platters are always incredible, filled with fresh, healthy and delicious food to nourish you. Dietary requirements can be met (please let us know in advance)

Optimal Nutrition for Pre and Post Workout Presentation

Kellie, our nutritional therapist will be helping you to understand what to eat before and after your workout to optimise your training and recovery. She will help us ditch the outdated and non-scientific myths surrounding the do’s and don’ts of fitness nutrition and offer practical, research driven support.

The Anywhere, Anytime workout

During this workshop we will be using objects that can be found around your home to do an anywhere, anytime workout. Perfect for when you can’t get the gym or your fitness class. It’ll be a conditioning based class using sticks, a towel, a chair and lots of other ‘random’ objects!

Trigger Point and Foam Roll workshop

Using tennis balls/massage balls and foam rollers you will learn how to look after your muscles and joints. You’ll learn how to improve your post workout recovery and how to avoid injury.

This relaxation workshop will leave you feeling AMAZING!


All food and drink is included in the cost of the retreat. 

You will need to bring with you a mat and a pillow.



“I feel stronger and leaner.  After 3 children my pelvic floor is stronger and has had some much needed strengthening!”

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Amazing! Great body and mind connection which is exactly what i was after. It was all at the right pace and didn't feel rushed.

Love Retreat

Bliss! Super relaxing, chilled and perfectly organised Super informative, lots of practical tips and theory. I couldn't compliment it enough!

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