Ancestral Connection & Wisdom Group Journeying Spiritual Workshop Sunday 15th October 1.50pm – 5pm hosted by Sal from Spacious Wings Therapies

The theme is: “Ancestral Connection & Wisdom Group Journeying Spiritual Workshop”

I would describe this as a unique, memorable and ‘heartfelt’ workshop personally designed by me through being inspired by the numerous beautiful souls I have regressed over the years.  

In the workshop I will gently guide your journey using my intuition, relaxation techniques and soothing voice whilst creating a safe holding space for your experience.

The workshop’s intention is to support you to journey into the depths of your inner world and intuition with the invitation to meet 3 influential ancestors from your lineage for connection, insight, healing, growth and knowledge.

This workshop is ideal if you are curious about ancestral healing, intergenerational patterns, guided visualisation, reincarnation, past lives, soul mates, manifesting and the spirit realm, and if you desire to connect to the deeper aspects of your soul and higher self.

This workshop may assist you to expand your intuition and increase calmness. Accessing ancestral energy can help shift, release and transform current life blocks and patterns through gaining wise messages, deeper self knowing, and empowered letting go.

Investment: £45 (earlybird – booked by 30/9) – £47 (price after 30/9)

Spaces can be booked directly with me by filling in the attached registration form to avoid booking fees.

Otherwise book yourself directly on by clicking this Eventbrite link: Eventbrite

Workshop Timings: 14:00 – 17:00 (however arrivals are from 13:50 and no entry is permitted after 14:10)

* PLEASE NOTE This session is not suitable if: (1) you are pregnant; (2) have recently suffered a close bereavement; (3) or are experiencing any chronic mental health symptoms / (4) under Mental Health or Drug Rehabilitation treatment. It is recommended that you refrain from drugs, alcohol and excess caffeine 24-hours either side of the event.

Workshop Schedule:

1) Brief Presentation on the topic of ancestral healing & connection.

2) Preparation for ancestral journey along with supportive tips for connection.

3) Guided Ancestral Connection & Wisdom Journey to deepening background music.

4) Reflection notes / grounding.

5) Drink – Snack – Fresh Air Break

6) Pair Discussion, and Safe Circle space to share and connect.

7) Closing Meditation.

I look forward to welcoming you

If you are interested in previous group attendee experiences a link to video testimonials is below

Salonee Batavia BASA, RCST, MPLTA 

Spacious Wings Therapies

Regression Therapist – Craniosacral Therapist – Remote Body Therapist – Group Soul Journeying Facilitator – Hypnotherapist; 



* If coming by car use this postcode on the SATNAV: MK45 3QS *

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