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Our Ethos is to create the highest quality health and wellness hub for people to come and receive the best possible care when facing the various changes and challenges that we experience in our lives.

Our carefully selected team are able to offer the highest possible care and support through medical, alternative and holistic therapies and all are tailored to your needs and wishes.

Beauty/aesthetics therapy

Breathing Therapy

Counselling and talking therapy


Life coaching

Massage and touch therapy


Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy


Reiki therapy

Sound Therapy

Yoga Instruction


“The course has not only made me feel fitter but also lots more confident.  Julie has been fantastic and I am looking forward to taking the next step in my fitness journey!”

Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman

Sam’s classes are designed to increase your ability, to push your comfort zone boundaries, but not so much you can’t do it, and when you do manage it she is so proud of you and tells you. She is clear with her instruction and will always adjust your posture if she can see it isn’t correct, and if your posture is good she makes sure you know it is. I’ve done a couple of one to one sessions with Sam, and she motivates you when you think you can’t do it. I love going to the classes, and Sam is a great coach. 

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman

Sam thank you so much for being there for me when I was feeling low about myself. You pushed me to work hard and believe in myself. You are are great personal trainer and you are very knowledgeable. I really enjoy your classes and can’t wait to see you again. Please keep doing what you are doing. 

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman