Starting 13th June: Embrace Your Menopause Yoga Course

Date: 13th June 12-1.30pm


Embrace Your Menopause

Coming to terms with the change in our bodies during the menopause can be tough. “The menopause”, the term that refers to the whole of a woman’s transition from perimenopause to post-menopause can last for many years. During that time we can experience many different symptoms and may feel powerless to help ourselves.

One thing I know for sure, having walked the path myself, is that to be in the company of women where I felt supported and able to share, helped enormously. And to practice yoga during this time has been essential to my wellbeing.

Taking care of yourself during this massive transition has to be a non-negotiable however where does attending to Your Needs come in your list of priorities?…… At the very bottom I bet!That can leave us depleted, and lacking in energy.

This four week yoga programme offers you the opportunity to “Pause” and to care for yourself.

Embrace Your Menopause Yoga Course

This 4 week course Includes:

  • Calming and restorative yoga practices to soothe menopausal symptoms
  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation
  • Breathing techniques to help manage common symptoms
  • Practices to help build bone strength and address common concerns around osteopenia
  • Self compassion practices and journaling
  • An introduction to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the form or Yin yoga

Each class is 90 mins duration

Cost of the course £48

Starts Monday 13th June

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