26th & 27th June – Colour Retreat with Kate Griffiths

Date: Sunday 26th & Monday 27th June

Most physical pain and stress is caused by our inability to accept the messiness of life. What if through spending two days on retreat you were able to press pause and come to a place of greater acceptance of what is. The invitation is to take time out so you can see more clearly.

As you start to explore in this way you may well come to the realisation that in this fast paced modern world you rarely if ever fully relax.  What happens is we say to ourselves I will just fit one more client in, hold an extra meeting or spend just 30 more minutes on the computer. Gradually over time all those pause points that you had built into your day disappear as you fill it with more and more activities. Over time you may notice that you tend to spend your days on auto pilot, half asleep and your nights half awake because you are in that limbo land, the grey zone of half anxiety.

Stepping out of your normal environment for two days, you will break that pattern and learn new ways of being using colour and the breath. As your body has muscle memory so you will be able to return to these places of deep relaxation.

For more information about this incredible course please visit Kate’s website: https://www.wholeselfleadership.com/colour-retreat/

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