Sunday 16th July, 1pm-5.30pm Colour Retreat – Hosted by Kate at Whole Self Leadership

Last opportunity to experience a colour retreat before the summer break with Kate from Whole Self Leadership

A course in miracles states that sickness is a defence against the truth. When you have an illness or a nagging pain you can put it down to the #menopause, your age or any other sensible sounding reason. Know that when you rationalise, you are actually telling yourself rational lies. Any discomfort that you have in your body has come about because you are out of alignment at the spirit level.

Colour allows you to get out of your head and listen to what your body and your spirit are saying. It gives you a whole different perspective and way of seeing. After being on a Whole Self Leadership retreat, you will feel more alive, energised and revitalised to be with whatever is showing up in your life.

Kate is a colour psychologist and teacher who has worked with 100s of people over the last 11 years using this pioneering approach. Working with Kate on this retreat you will gain a greater appreciation for all of who you are and your limitless nature. Join her on 16 July, 13.00-17.30 here at the @happybodypro.

Investment: £100

To book please email:

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