Holistic Core Restore®

Both Julie and Sam are trained using the Holistic Core Restore® program which proudly presents 11 dedicated-to-Women’s-Wellness programmes guaranteed to make your journey through all the female life-phases smoother.

From pregnancy fitness to birth preparation, post natal recovery and pelvic-floor-friendly fat loss fitness, to finding strategies using exercise, relaxation and nutrition for an easier journey through menopause and life after a hysterectomy.


Wonderful, Educational, Relaxing It exceeded my expectations. I didn't really know what to expect but I feel so much more informed and it's lovely to come away with knowledge as well as having a lovely day. Run another one so I can come back!

Sleep Retreat

Sam thank you so much for being there for me when I was feeling low about myself. You pushed me to work hard and believe in myself. You are are great personal trainer and you are very knowledgeable. I really enjoy your classes and can’t wait to see you again. Please keep doing what you are doing. 

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman

Amazing! Good balance of theory and practice. It was good to learn about movement, massage and sleep psychology. Lovely food, friendly, helpful, atmosphere.

Sleep Retreat