Holistic Core Restore® Recovery

The HCR® Recovery programme truly ‘has your back’ and will guide and support you safely in your return to an active life following a hysterectomy or pelvic organ prolapse surgery. Ultimately, not moving isn’t an option but learning to move in a way that’s support to your new and ongoing Pelvic Health status is ESSENTIAL to your current and future health and independence.

About the course

HCR® Recovery isn’t simply a ‘fitness programme’.  We have truly re-imagined what it is to truly be supported post POP or Hysterectomy Surgery or be supported in your life with a POP Diagnosis.

It’s a fully HOLISTIC foundation to your future health.  We’ll educate you about your surgery and make the science very simple.  We’ll teach you to lift and manage pressure in your core for LIFE.  We’ll help you understand the importance of maintaining and improving your bone health, cardiovascular health, gut and bowel health RIGHT NOW as a means of supporting your Pelvic Health!

8 one to one sessions which may include pelvic floor and core exercises, massage therapy, stretches and release work. It is completely tailored to your needs and designed to ‘meet you EXACTLY where you are now’ by supporting this lifephase with real-world solutions and support over a time-frame that suits your needs.

Holistic Core Restore® Recovery is for women who have had a hysterectomy or other abdominal surgery. It is also for women who are either living Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) or recovering from POP surgery who know they need to return to a ‘moving life’ but want to do so in a way that is respectful and supportive of their new ‘health status’.

Click on this link and we will get in touch with you to book your first appointment Once you have registered you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire that will help us understand your body better. You will then receive login details for the Holistic Core Restore® Members area.

what our ladies say

Working with Julie has definitely been the most enjoyable thing about the course. She is so knowledgable and enthusiastic about what she does and very generous with her time and skills. As well as being warm and friendly Julie has made the sessions fun, I'm not sure I've ever looked forward to exercising so much! Thank you!

Sam’s classes are designed to increase your ability, to push your comfort zone boundaries, but not so much you can’t do it, and when you do manage it she is so proud of you and tells you. She is clear with her instruction and will always adjust your posture if she can see it isn’t correct, and if your posture is good she makes sure you know it is. I’ve done a couple of one to one sessions with Sam, and she motivates you when you think you can’t do it. I love going to the classes, and Sam is a great coach. 

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman

“Having suffered from SPD/PGP for many years, I started off with 6 one-to-one sessions with Julie before joining her Heat classes in which I continued most of the exercises from the one-to-ones. It has continued to strengthen my core and pelvic muscles.  I can do so much more now without any pain!”

Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman