Holistic Core Restore® C-section Recovery

In the UK nearly 1/4 of births are via C-Section. and many more women experience the procedure throughout their lives for other gynaecological procedures, yet there is no real guidance on how to heal successfully from such a major procedure and successfully reconnect to the core, never mind deal with the soft-tissue issues (adhesions and scar tissue) that arise from these types of procedures.

About the course

The Holistic Core Restore® C-Section program is designed to help women re-connect with their core, to help improve movement and function following major surgery and help reduce scar pain and ‘dragging’ feelings caused by ‘stuck’ scar tissue.

  • Five one to one bespoke sessions to help you connect with your core, and pelvic floor
  • One Scar Therapy Treatment to relive the scar from adhesions, dragging and scar tissue
  • All the kit you need to complete the sessions both in person and at home
  • Access to the Holistic Core Restore® Members area where you’ll find videos to support your journey from weeks 1-6.
This program is written specifically for women who have had a c-section or major abdominal surgery. This program can be started at any stage after 12 weeks post surgery.

Click on this link and we will get in touch with you to book your first appointment. Once you have registered you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire that will help us understand your body better. You will then receive login details for the Holistic Core Restore® Members area.

what our ladies say

Amazing, a perfect balance of relaxation and doing. The breathing workshop was amazing. Food was delicious. Perfect!

Love Retreat

“I had a c-section massage with Julie almost a year after having my daughter. The massage helped with my breathing, the tightness and also helped to smooth it. Julie’s advice is brilliant she helped me with getting my core and pelvic floor strength back safely, I still use the exercises and massage she taught me... highly recommend!”

C-section Scar Therapy Treatment

It was amazing! Loved every minute. PERFECT!

Love Retreat