All About Working and Connecting with your Body

Many people have experienced traumatic events, circumstances or relationships.  

Traumatic experiences can leave a long-lasting legacy in the form of a strong emotional charge to our memories of traumatic times, an ongoing protection of ourselves by avoiding certain places, people, activities and a change in the way we think about or see ourselves.

There is growing recognition that traumatic experiences leave a legacy in the body too and our bodies continue to remind us when we are in similar situations.

Our  courses are designed for adults aged between 18 and 70 years and are accessible even if you have physical disability or other health issues.

You don’t need to have participated in any of our previous courses in order to join this one.     


The course is run as a small group (approximately six participants) with two facilitators. As a Yoga practitioner, Franchesca is our expert in mind and body connection and, as a Psychologist, Jemma brings expertise in understanding and recovery from trauma.

We have designed our course to give you more information about the impact of traumatic experience on the body, to offer you ideas about ways to work with the legacy of traumatic experiences in the body, and to guide you through a gentle but powerful yoga practice that has been developed especially to be sensitive to the effects of traumatic experience.

Each session will have a particular focus : skin and touch, boundaries and the body, yoga Nidra and breath and sound.

Every session will include short trauma-sensitive yoga practices with opportunity for you to reflect and, if you wish, discuss together with others in your group.

We use powerful yet simple yoga techniques that were formulated originally for the use on war veterans (after years of talking therapy and medicine were not working) and the effects were immensely profound.

We have run similar courses before and had incredible feedback from our participants.


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