Suzie Rahman



VTCT Level 3 Anatomy and physiology with pathologies

VTCT Level 3 Aromatherapy

VTCT Level 3 Swedish massage

VTCT Level 3 Reflexology

VTCT Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching

CPD Accredited by the FHT Certificates in

Treating clients with cancer

Practitioners certificate in Pregnancy massage

Thermal Auricular Therapy

Certificate in stone massage therapy

Certificate in Warm bamboo massage

Certificate in Indian head massage 

Advanced massage workshop in abdominal massage

Foot reading workshop

Lymphatic drainage

Myofascial release

Advanced remedial massage 

Reiki Qualifications

Level One

Level Two practitioner level

Level Three Master level 

Reiki drumming Level one 

Reiki drumming master’s 

Extra Holistic qualifications


Crystal therapy 

Tarot Readings

Teaching Qualifications

Crystal Therapy

Reiki One, 

Reiki Two 

Reiki Three 

Reiki Drumming 

Reiki Drumming Masters

“My name is Suzie Rahman. I started Lubbly Bubbly back in 2010 creating and producing bath bombs. I have three children and I wanted to work around them and do something fun and creative to match my personality. Making bath bombs was a lot harder than I expected and it took a lot of time and little money to create the perfect recipe that I was known for. I then wanted to become an aromatherapist to add an essential oil factor to my bath bombs, so I trained in Anatomy and Physiology with pathologies and then Swedish massage to get onto my aromatherapy course. By the time I started on my Swedish massage I was absolutely hooked on Holistic’s and the gravity that they have behind them.

I was just bowled over by their power. I then built a treatment room in my back garden, and worked from there for several years, building up my clientele. This allowed me to train in different types of massage. I found I outgrew this space and started renting myself a treatment room in Arlesey which is where I have been treating clients ever since, I have had the best time learning and discovering who I am as a person and wholeheartedly believe in holistic and energy healing.

Whilst training, little things kept on popping up about Reiki and I unfortunately had an accident breaking my knee. To keep myself busy, I completed lots of online courses, one of which was Reiki. I then had an experience at night when all the lights went on and I could see clear as day everything in the room. I thought it was someone playing jokes on us and when I spoke to everyone the next morning, no one had been up or turned any lights on. I then thought about Reiki. There is something called the Enlightenment which I knew I needed to explore further. I then booked on to a face-to-face course and again fell in love with the energy world. I then completed my Level 2 then my master’s with teachings. Reiki is just my world, it’s my passion, it’s my go to for everything and the one thing about Reiki is that everything comes from pure love and it can do no harm. I am very proud of what we’ve achieved today. It hasn’t come easy and there have been fun times, hard times, tears and tantrums but somehow, we’ve made it this far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. “

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