All About Sapna G

Sapna is a yoga practitioner who offers classes for all abilities in every day language; individual and group classes available. Specialising in Thai Yoga Massage.


Vinyasa flow classes suitable for all abilities, dynamic and restorative: 1 hour / 90 minutes

Chair yoga – classes designed for those who have some difficulty getting on and off the ground and for those who sit for many hours: 45 minutes.

Yoga Nidra – a  guided still practice where you will be in a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping; a blissful way to relieve stress.

Thai yoga massage: 

on the Thai yoga mattress 45 minutes / 1 hour and

seated Thai yoga massage 30 mins / 45 minutes / 1 hour

Stimulating pressure points to allow the body to heal by opening the body’s pathways. Where I will take your body through a series of passive stretches to create space, relaxation and a sense of flow.


“I have always been drawn to eastern arts and disciplines, it has been a point of mystery and fascination for me. Always looking for answers and enjoying the journey, I have come to discover that by looking within you will find all the answers you need; yoga and thai yoga massage complimenting each other in the form of action and inaction. ”

Mobile: 07477 999464


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