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Level 5 CPCAB Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Level 2 Gottman Method Relationship Therapy

Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling

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Individual Talking Therapy

Relationship Counselling


“Growing up, I often felt I didn’t belong.  I didn’t see myself as a ‘Person Of Colour’, as I wasn’t white, black or brown.  I remember asking myself if I was classified as an Asian, as on the forms there were a box for Asians and another for Chinese.  Recently, I belonged to a label called BAME but if you ask me in person, I will say, I am a ‘BBC’… British Born Chinese.

I was born in a highly diverse town in England.  My childhood was in a rough area.  But because of the diversity and my highly diverse friendship groups, I didn’t feel like a minority at all.  My external life was full of excitement, but my home life was full of restrictions.  I’m sure many teenagers like me met their difficulties.  Reflecting on my youth years, it provided me with a wealth of experiences that made me who I am.

After graduating and working in the UK, I spent another decade working and exploring Asia.  Here, I had another label known as ‘Gwai Mui’… the western girl.  Again, I had to find my own belonging.  But first I had to overcome the societal norm where women are perceived less.  I met new sets of difficulties, some very traumatic, but my life experiences had given me enough confidence to push through the person I want to be.  Not only did I survive, but I also lived.  I held directorial positions, I went on an entrepreneur journey, and I also volunteered in schools.

When I returned to the UK, I wanted a change… it was the perfect time to make changes, I wasn’t young, but I wasn’t old either, so I returned to studies and retrained to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist.  My journey was fascinating and insightful.  I started to understand my patterns and traits.  I realized I was thriving from my traumatic experiences.  I felt empowered and good.

I have a strong belief in self-worth.  I have a strong desire to reach for perfection, but I also consider imperfections can be perfect too.  It is a matter of perceptions and alternatives.  My wealth has increased my compassion and capacity to help those to overcome their difficulties.  I love working with people.

My passion comes from deep within.  It is only through talking and exploration that one can begin to make sense of their feelings and find their cure.  But everyone is different.  Some may have defence walls so high that it imprisons them to talk, feel, and even relax.  My passions led me to learn hypnotherapy too, with the vision that I’ll have an alternative way to help people relax, feel, and even talk.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that I like… ‘read ten thousand scrolls, rather walk ten thousand miles.’

When we search for answers or a type of knowledge, we read into things.  But what we can’t grasp from written literature, is the feelings through interactions, the fluidity of thoughts, and another’s perceptions and ways of being.  How many times have you said or thought ‘I didn’t think about that’?

I love to talk.  And therapy gave me a different perspective to talking.  The therapeutic space, provides an opportunity to think, feel, question, and grow.  It is profoundly true that when a person is able to grow as a result of learning from the inner capacities of another, that other is also deeply affected.  This moment in life, I am experiencing the most affections and satisfaction.

I have found my belonging.  I belong to myself, my creations, and my space.  I am always creating… everything begins with just a thought.  I welcome those into my space to create a space for themselves, whether that’s just through talking, or hypnosis too.  And in time, I’m hoping to bring my Therapy-dog into my practice for another alternative way to have Therapy With.”

Mobile: 07537 882597


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