All About Indianah Lou Lazuli

Indianah delivers a unique integrative transformative experience through her all-encompassing highly intuitive sessions specialising in the combined modalities of tarot, mentoring, targeted body massage / alignment, Bio-energetic frequency re-balance and crystal body rituals. Supporting you to Identify and significantly transform what is occurring in your life to reconfigure your entire ‘Significant Being’ to match the life you truly choose transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Qualifications: Level 5 Advanced Diploma – Sports Therapy, Crystal therapy  / crystal facials

“Hi, my name is Indianah Lou Lazuli ‘Significant Being’ Practitioner and lover of life. Life itself totally intrigues me and I have always been mystified with how it unfolds. I absolutely love being part of this incredible team of therapists and Practitioners here at the Happy Body Wellness Centre  where I am able to deliver my own unique blend of transformative practises and programmes into the mix, which I cannot wait to share with you.

I bring many years of expertise and experience as a Sports Therapist and Tarot Card Practitioner, with unprecedented results through my own pioneering combined intuitive practices. I’m truly fascinated with the human / intuitive Super – human body and it’s incredible healing capabilities. I have always been drawn into the intuitive nature of life and from an early age navigated my path with tarot cards, crystals and many other intuitive tools as an ally, supporting me to illuminate my way along. I enjoy engaging with others as much as I love being in a hermit state of being playing and designing my most enchanted life imaginable. My aim is always to live fully, joyfully and harmoniously with my magik switched all the way on! One of my greatest joys is to witness this empowerment unfold in others. I have organically developed my academic understanding of the body infusing my own unique natural holistic style to accelerate the bodies transformation.

I have witnessed first-hand how the human form is magikal: the vehicle through which we live our life and purpose. When we dynamically align and revolutionise that life and purpose throughout the anatomical structure of our body / energetic field, amazing things happen allowing us to enjoy life to its full significant potential.”

Is this for you?

Are you feeling stressed, tense and anxious?

Do you feel lost, uncertain and in the dark?

Could you be afraid of change?

Are you feeling physical pain and unable to move forward?

Do you feel insignificant in your life?

Do you feel out of balance / alignment?

I offer 3 different types of sessions: Tarot  / Oracle card reading, Bio-energetic frequency Re-balance (with the Healy device) and the fully integrative Total Embody Alignment sessions combining all tools.  These highly intuitive sessions are designed to decode, unlock and realign any problematic symptoms whether they be physical, emotional or energetic into free harmonious movement! Life significantly changes when we change the way we look at it. What a gift it can be to be able to embrace life’s twists and turns, shift our perspective in supportive ways and find hidden gems and opportunities to understand ourselves better.

What to expect in a session:

Your session  / programme will include many opportunities to explore where you currently are in your life and importantly where you want to go. With this clear intention, we will work together to create a bespoke journey completely tailored to your requirements and facilitated by myself using a wealth of combined tools mentioned above according to your needs. Supporting you to feel at peace with yourself and your life, refreshed, free to move, clear vision, raised vibration, empowered and be-ing wholly significant in the life you choose!

Mobile: 07815 934576


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