Hayley Cannon


Transformational Breath® Foundation:

  • Continuous Education Programme
  • Level V Transformational Breath® Group Leader 
  • Level IVB Personal Coaching (International Coach Federation accredited)
  • Level IVA Client Facilitation (British Register of Complementary Practitioners approved)
  • Regent’s University London: Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Birkbeck University London: Certificate of Higher Education Intro to Counselling
  • Oxford University: MA English 


  • Intro to Transformational Breath® Group Experience (90mins) £29 – Attend one of my regular talks about the history, science and benefits of Transformational Breath®, including a demonstration of the technique and the opportunity to breathe in a small group. Ideal for newcomers.
  • Transformational Breath® (60mins) £69 – A one-to-one breath analysis to discover your unique breathing pattern, including where you are holding tension. Learn how this pattern correlates with physical ailments and conditions you might be experiencing day-to-day, and how it relates to your current emotional and mental health. Next experience a therapeutic breathing session which gradually opens up more of the respiratory system and restores the optimal breathing pattern we are born with. 
  • Personal Development Coaching + Transformational Breath® (90mins) £99 – All the benefits of a one-to-one breathing session with personal coaching to boot. Clarify your goals and use breath analysis to understand the true blockers preventing you from attaining them. Create new intentions and manageable actions, and move gracefully towards the life you want with loving support and laughter along the way.
  • Six Session Supercharge £549 – Book 6 Personal Development Coaching + Transformational Breath® sessions (90mins each) and unlock a £45 discount.
  • Transformational Breath® for Pregnancy (60mins) £69 – A one-to-one breath analysis to discover your unique breathing pattern and how it correlates with your physical/emotional wellbeing. Next experience an adapted form of Transformational Breath® that is safe and gentle for mums-to-be, deeply relaxing and grounding. Ideal for anyone feeling nervous about birth, or for anyone who wants a bit of pampering and me-time before their little one arrives.
  • Transformational Breath® for Parent + Baby (90mins) £99 – All the benefits of a one-to-one breathing session for Mum or Dad, followed by a session for baby. Even the smoothest of births can be experienced as traumatic to newborns, as they transition from the darkness to bright light or have their cord cut before they’re fully ready to take their first breath. The good news is that any trauma stored in the body can gently be released by breathing together with your baby whilst holding acupressure points on your baby’s tummy. After the session you will know how to practice Transformational Breath® with your little one independently at home, to support the recovery of Mum and baby, and promote bonding and relaxation.
  • COMING SOON Twelve Week Artist’s Way Group Adventure + Transformational Breath® – Reclaim your creative self in all its forms and reignite your passion for life in the process. The Artist’s Way is a programme by author and artist Julia Cameron, which we embark on together in a small and intimate group setting. Transformational Breath® enhances and accelerates the process, helping you to overcome blocks, tap into deeper and richer inspiration, and experience more joy.

“I have always been fascinated by personal transformation. I was once a self-conscious person battling stress, depression and anxiety, but after throwing myself into studying counselling, coaching and Transformational Breath® I made huge leaps in my life. I transitioned into a meaningful career in wellness, met a wonderful partner, and realised creative goals that used to terrify me like singing on stage. Above all, I learned how to take better care of myself. I came to understand that emotions are events in the physical body, not just feelings we experience in our mind. At the most fundamental level emotions are energy, which our body stores in our vast network of fascia tissue if we keep them bottled up. What this means is, talking about our problems can only take us so far. We have to address the ‘issues in our tissues’ if we truly, permanently want to change the way we feel. Transformational Breath® does exactly this, and it is my mission to share it.

Outside of The Happy Body Project my passions are music, decorating my home, writing and spirituality. An interesting fact about me? This year I am partnering with Lena Kristina Tuulse, Founder of the International Breathwork Foundation, to help her write a new edition of her motivational book Passion For Life.” 

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