All About Galina Ganzenko (Boggis-Rolfe)


BA (Hons) LCPH (Lon) MARH

Galina Ganzenko (Boggis-Rolfe) is a natural and holistic medicine consultant with more than 20 years of experience treating patients in many countries around the world. Combining years of practice with extensive research, she has developed her unique “Stress Balance” method of working on problems caused by different stress factors through prophylactic measures and direct treatment.

Galina treats a wide range of physical problems as well as emotional issues including fears and phobias, depression and PTSD. She specialises in treating stress-related allergies, including hay fever and food intolerances as well as digestive and cardiovascular problems and hormonal imbalances. Further to this, she helps patients develop stress-management strategies.

To help her patients overcome health problems and challenges, she designs an Individual Treatment Plan for each patient. In her practice, Galina uses herbal and homeopathic remedies, psychosomatic and trans-generational approaches. She developed her own range of natural remedies (Absolute Health Blends) that proved to be very successful in her practice and for the general public.




Mobile: 07931 346 358

Being trilingual gives Galina an advantage in widely promoting healthy living and natural medicine in English, Russian and Ukrainian. She is an inspirational speaker, writer and educator, regularly holding lectures, talks and workshops, as well as writing magazine articles, and is very active on social media. Galina has been regularly interviewed by the newspapers and has been featured on TV.

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