All About Charlotte Brittin

I trained in Holistic and Complementary Therapies when I first left school and went on to train to be a Midwife in my mid-20s. I always knew I would bring these two passions back together and so I have gone on to specialise in pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, reflexology for maternity care, and hypnobirthing.

The treatments I offer bring amazing balance to the hormones and feminine energy, and so I also offer bespoke treatments for preconception and menopause.
As a midwife I am passionate about women’s choice, about women being heard and respected. I advocate normality because I believe women are goddesses and CAN birth how they want to! I also believe ‘normality’ begins much sooner than the onset of labour, it begins in the mind and it begins way before conception! I work with women to help them trust their bodies and their infinite knowing and wisdom. Through birth preparation, whether with the body in my massage therapies or with the mind in my hypnobirthing sessions, you CAN navigate your birth journey, face whatever challenges come your way, and have an empowering birth experience.

I truly believe in the feminine energy and the power it has when we really unleash it. When we tap into Mother Nature’s resources we can heal in ways Western Medicine cannot offer. It is not always about the physical body, but the emotional body too. Some journeys, however tough, NEED to be walked, so it’s not always about fixing a problem but rather finding a gentle way to navigate it. By using essential oils in every treatment I offer, I can help you use Mother Nature to set the pathway. 

Facebook and IG @thebotanicalmidwife
Mobile: 07920 009062


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