Fridays from 14th July – 11th August, 7pm – 8.45pm Soma Breath Workshops – Hosted by Simon Cook from Hypnotic Change

COST: £12 to book copy and paste the link below:

A Soma Breath sesson works as follows

5-10minutes: introduction and talk on Soma Breath

5-10 minutes: light body activity such as dancing, shaking, light exercises and end with humming, all to music. This is to get the body activated.

40-50 minutes: breath-work and meditation, all to music.

The breath-work element consists of three parts:

rhythmical breathing (in for 4 out for 4 etc)

in-breath hold,

out-breath hold.

This is repeated several times. The meditation and intention setting happens in, before, after and in between each round of rhythmical breathing and breath holds. The meditation can be on anything from love, confidence, finding the inner self etc.

Who is Soma for?

Soma is for everyone, young and old alike

Are there any contraindications?

Breath holds forceful mouth breathing are not suitable for: Pregnancy, Serious\critical diseases or infections if it impairs ability to breath. Severe uncontrollable hypertension. Organ failure or late stage terminal illness. If you have epilepsy, a pacemaker or a illegal heart beat

What do I need to bring?

Yoga mat (or something comfortable to sit on) , Blind fold (this really helps in the second phase to go deep into mediation , blocking out light). Blanket, An open mind, Water.

Where is it being held?

The Soma session will take place in Yurt 2 at the Happy Body Project. These are located just behind the wellness centre itself.

Where is the Happy Body project?

The Happy Body Project wellness centre is just north of Clope Hill, near Haynes

How do I get to the Happy Body project?

There are three entrances to the farm, please use the postcode MK45 3QS and follow the directions to Old Main Road towards Haynes to bring you to the correct entrance. From here you will see our peachy coloured signs on the bend in the road. There are signposts from here to the wellness centre.

How long is a Soma breath session?

A session is usually around 1hr30 minutes

What if I can’t do the breath holds due to contradictions?

You can still take part in the rest of the session. With breath the breath hold element just breath normally.

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