Winter Solstice Yoga & qigong – Sunday 3rd December,  11am – 1.30pm – hosted by Sam at Aurora Star

Winter Solstice yoga and qigong 

This event offers a unique opportunity to cultivate balance and  harmony for the coming weeks by being able to experience both of these classes,  1 hour of each, with a half hour break in the middle where there will be a selection of nourishing refreshments such as warming ginger shots, cacao mushroom coffee and herbal teas, with homemade cakes.

You will be invited to sink into the stillness of the Winter Solstice energy with two deeply nurturing practices, each very different but both aimed at allowing your body and energy to align with the seasonal Yin energies of Winter .. a time for reflection, to cultivate stillness and nourish our systems so that we can face the darker days of winter with strength and resilience.

For our Qigong practice Sam will focus on revitalising and nurturing our kidney Qi, with postures and breath working with the element of water and animal flows that will build and circulate our Yin, and a deep guided meditation to finish. Yin energy is very much connected to stillness and balance, qualities that are associated with the Winter Solstice. By aligning our Qi, our life force energy, with the natural rhythms of the seasons, we can enhance our resilience and inner strength during the colder months.

For our yoga practice Gabby will open with a guided breath and grounding that will allow you to feel relaxed and at ease ready for a warming gentle floor based yoga session. Each restorative pose will be held  for a length of time allowing the body to breathe deeply, for the mind to quieten and to find a stillness and peace within. The practice will mirror natures slow sleeping pattern during the Winter months, taking the time for inward reflection and the value in giving yourself this moment to slow down and pause. Gabby will close the session with a deeply meditative guided breath, yoga Nidra aimed at honouring the sun and the warmth it will bring as the Solstice beckons, leaving you feeling restored and rested.

Sunday 3rd December,  11am – 1.30pm

Yurts 1 & 2, The Happy Body Project,  Wilstead, @happybodypro ,

£30 per person

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket and any bolsters if you need them. 

Places are limited, to book contact Sam on / 07890038677

or Gabby on

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