Our classes

Alongside all our specialised Holistic Core Restore® programs, we also offer a number of fun and effective classes suitable for almost all women. Each offers something slightly different and depending what you want to achieve can be adapted to suit your needs. There is literally something for everyone!

Power Plate

We have a variety of Power Plate classes to offer you. The Power Plate has been proven to increase bone mass, increase strength, increase circulation, improve flexibility and it can help improve your balance too. Our 30 minute classes are fun, effective and tailored to your needs. The Power Plate can be used by almost everyone. In our classes you can expect a variety of different movements on the plate ranging from squats, to lunges, to upper body exercises and core exercises. Booking is essential with this class xx x x


We are blessed to have a number of highly respected and experienced yoga teachers here our the Happy Body Project. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercises dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. We offer a number of different yogas disciplines including Vinyasar, Ashtanga and Yin. To find out more about what each class has to offer please speak to a member of our team


Created in Germany by a man named Joseph Pilates, this class is now taught around the world offering people a calmer approach to muscle conditioning. Pilates can help with back pain, improving your posture and increasing your flexibility. Pilates can be as challenging as you wish to make it, our experienced instructors can guide you safely through a variety of options that suit your body and your needs.

Zest Project

Zest Project is a fitness and wellbeing class designed to improve your health, not just your waist line. In this class we look at cardiovascular health, increasing muscular strength, challenging the brain to work, improving bone density and improving our movement through exercises and stretches.
It is PERFECT for any age, but it is especially suited for women who worry less about their shape and size and more about their current and long term health.

Let’s move, let’s build up our bone strength, let’s improve our muscular strength and let’s enjoy this fabulous ‘middle’ section of our lives!

Our coaches are experienced in helping women with a variety of health conditions. They are able to adapt exercises and programming to ensure you can exercise safely within the boundaries of your condition or injury.

Thursdays 9.30am Great Denham Community Hall with Natalie

Saturdays: 10am Great Barford Community Hall with Sam

Women who want to improve their health or have current health or injury restrictions that prevent them from attending a traditional fitness class.

Women wanting more support throughout their class as they enjoy their exercise.

Zest is a weekly class, you can buy a class pass: 4 sessions £40, 8 sessions £68, 12 sessions £90

Hot Strength

We have a truly amazing course to offer you – Hot Strength is a female focused exercise program that offers solutions to the key health concerns that affect women. The class is designed to build a strong defence for our future health; improving bone health, heart health, muscular health, brain health and flexibility to name just a few!

Using a variety of techniques and pieces of fitness equipment, you’ll leave the class feeling like you’ve had the most productive, most effective and most enjoyable workout. We know that time is a valuable commodity so we squeeze as much as we can into our hour long classes as possible, including core work, cardiovascular work, strength work and of course a beautiful stretch and a time for calm at the end of the class.

Hot Strength is perfect for women wanting to improve their health, both physical health and mental health.

It’s for women who want to enjoy their exercise and feel part of a community of like minded women.

During the class there are options for those wanting to advance their moves and for those needing a little more support, so we can cater for almost all women.

We have two options for you as we know exercise needs to fit in around your lives:

Absolute Hot Strength £76:
– Mondays 7pm AND 8.15pm – Face to Face class at Ravensden Village Hall
– Wednesdays 8.15pm – Online live class on Zoom
– PLUS access to the Hot Strength Members area with HIIT sessions, core sessions, flexibility, strength work and relaxation videos

Online Hot Strength £44:
– Wednesdays 8.15pm – Online live class on Zoom
PLUS access to the Hot Strength Members area with HIIT sessions, core sessions, flexibility, strength work and relaxation video

Mum & Baby Fitness Class

Come and join us for a fun fitness class that is designed perfectly for new mums.

Natalie is a specialist post natal trainer, so you’re in good hands in our classes. The class consists of stretches and releases for those tight areas that have been appearing since pregnancy, then we do a workout that is perfectly safe for new mums, whether you have a c-section or vaginal birth, the class is finished with a cool down and moment to relax.

The workout consists of movement patterns that new mums have to do in every day life, lifting, squatting, lunging, dragging etc, but the big different is you will learn how to do it safely whilst looking after your core and pelvic floor. Don’t worry if your baby cries, or needs feeding/changing etc, it’s a really relaxed class and you can work at your own pace and pause any time.

This class is specially designed for new mums wanting to reconnect with their body following pregnancy and child birth. You’re welcome to join us after your 6 week post natal check if you had a vaginal birth or 12 weeks after a c-section.

How does it work?
We have a weekly class on Thursdays at 10.30am at Great Denham Community Hall. It’s £30 for 6 classes that can be used within 8 weeks.

Circuit Classes

Here at the Happy Body Project we love a circuit style class. Circuits enables us as instructors to get the most out of your time with us. Circuits is a fairly fast paced class which will help you drop body fat, get stronger, fitter and healthier. We use the latest training techniques to create fun, fitness classes, using the TRX, Power Plate, ViPRS, dumb bells, bar bells, kettle bells and body weight exercises. As with all of our classes we can always offer options for exercises should you need them.

Active 6

Join Jason for 6 weeks of focused conditioning, cardiovascular and core training.
Over the 6 week period you will work towards improving your strength, your core and cardiovascular fitness.
Using weights, kettle bells, body weight exercises, resistance bands and the TRX you’ll get a whole body workout leaving you feeling energised, fitter and healthier.
This class is definitely one for the ‘hard core’ exerciser!

Happy Barre Class

Stretch, tone, lengthen and ‘pointe’ your way through this beautiful ballet inspired Barre class.
We mix Plies, Tendus, Jetes and arabesques with arm strengthening work, leg and butt work and core stability work. No previous ballet experience is required, although ex-ballerinas are more than welcome too as there are PLENTY of options!


My scar feels smoother and firmer since the massage treament. It feels less uncomfortable and stuck

Scar Therapy

"After having twins 2 years ago and subsequently discovering I had a diastasis recti I heard about the wonders of Julie Holl! I hadn’t exercised for 7.5 years when I started training with Julie in May 2017 and within 7 weeks she had closed up my diastasis to less than 2cm from 5cm. I feel the fittest I have ever been and love her classes - they are super varied so you never get bored.”

HCR Diastasis Recti Healing

What did you enjoy most about the course? "Julie's motivation and enthusiasm for well-being and doing it the 'right' way for our healing bodies"

Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman