A truly yummy mummy!


This fabulous lady has done me so proud. Jessica contacted me before the birth of her beautiful baby boy, she knew she was going to need some TLC once he had arrived so pre-empted things and booked a Holistic Core Restore® EVERY WOMAN package.

7 weeks after the birth of Oliver we began working together. Our first week consisted of doing some essential post natal checks, which included posture, a diastasis check, breathing analysis, feeling for tight muscles and ‘sticky’ points that restrict movement and her breathing pattern.

A truly yummy mummy!

Then we started doing some very simple, yet effective breathing and pelvic floor exercises. Jessica took to it naturally and understood the importance of doing the ground work before adding weights and jumping around. Over the coming weeks we started to add a bit of resistance using mini bands and exercise tubes, we also started to use the Power Plate which is fantastic for post natal training.

Jessica was really focused on eating well at home, reducing her starchy carbs and eating more vegetables and lean protein. Although she wanted to lose weight, she knew she needed to eat to ‘heal’ her body, so protein and vegetables are a great way to do that.
By week 6 Jessica was flying, as you can see from the photos her tummy is looking amazing, she is stronger and fitter than she was and it most certainly a yummy mummy!

Well done Jessica, keep up that hard work x

If you’d like to find out more about the program Jessica has been following then please click here: http://www.happybodyproject.co.uk/massage/

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