Saturday 5th August Awakening Retreat – Hosted by Donna at DC Therapies

Come together in an intimate setting to experience 6 beautifully empowering workshops and classes. You are invited to join us in the stunning yurts of Happy Body Project, surrounded by nature to help ground and guide you through your journey on this day.

Gentle Movement & Energising Pranayama with Lenka

Be guided through some gentle yoga poses with Lenka to start the day. The session will be finished off with some energising pranayama, which has the effect of relaxing and healing the body, letting everything fall into place.

Awakening Breathwork Voyage with Tracie

Tracie will be facilitating an inner breathwork voyage to aid discovering yourself beyond the labels of identity & come into an embodied knowing of who you really are, finding inner peace, releasing limiting beliefs & awaken, embrace and increase intuition & inner wisdom.

Somatic Experiencing and Emotional Release with Jennifer

The session is all about connecting to yourself on a deeper level, releasing old wounds of the past, discharging emotional blockages from the body and learning exercises to help ground, calm anxiety and boost your confidence.

You will be immersing yourself into ecstatic dance, breath work and a short meditation/visualisation to help shift energy and awaken the magic within.

Connecting To Your Hearts Desire Meditation with Nichola

Nichola will be guiding you on a meditation to help you become aware of your deepest needs and wishes, so you can align your thoughts, feelings and actions with the experiences your heart desires most and start to bring them into your reality.

Intuitive Journeying To Meet A Spirit Animal with Sal

Guided relaxation and deepening techniques will be applied to help you travel into your inner subconscious world, with the opportunity of meeting a spirit animal. The experience is ideal for relaxation, expanding your intuition and getting to know and understand yourself better.

Relaxing & Rebalancing Soundbath with Donna

Donna will guide you through a 45-minute Soundbath using traditional Tibetan bowls, relaxing Rainsticks & magical Koshi chimes. Sound Therapy is a beautiful way to enter the Theta brainwave state, the state your mind is in during meditation & relaxation. Relaxation is key to human health and recovery, as it initiates our natural and innate ability to heal. It is when we are truly relaxed that the highest level of healing can take place.

Lunch, snacks & drinks included!

Saturday 5th August

Happy Body Project


Early Bird Tickets – £100

Thereafter – £120

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