Connection, Share including Meditation and Mantra – Saturday 20th April with Molly

Come join us and shake away all that is no longer serving you, reconnect back to yourself and the joy within

And most importantly – HAVE FUN – whilst connecting with like minded

Saturday 20th April 6pm-9pm 

We will start the evening off with cacao and intention setting!

Connection, Share including Meditation and Mantra

Connect and Flow free movement dance Рyou take the lead, get out your head into your body and connect to that inner joy and freedom that rests within! 

Once we have released all that no longer serves us, we replenish with the ultimate combination of sound healing vibrations, connecting to your heart centre ūü§ć

Reiki and Reiki Drum Healing, Crystal Bowl and Tibetan bells 

Meditation and share to end with ūüę∂ūüę∂

Please share this special event round with friends, family, colleagues – anyone you feel may benefit, from stepping away from the busyness, taking time out to connect back within! 

The benefits of this event are endless AND is for ALL ages, genders! So come along!  To include : 

Form of fitness 

Get out of head and into the body 

Promotes and enhances self confidence 

Feel sexy AF (allowing yourself to just LET GO)

Let go of stagnant energy & trauma 

Good feels Рpromotes endorphin flow Рin turn creating a more relaxed and peaceful state 

Surrounded by like minded people and create connections 


Improves general well-being and happiness 

For booking please contact Molly on 


Insta: @mind_body_soul_freedom 

Exchange: £45

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