About Happy Body Project Wellness Centre

Sam and Julie have known each other for 10 years, they are friends, colleagues, mentors and workout buddies. They both have the same work ethos and the same vision which makes for a very exciting bond.

Our brainwave!

The idea for creating a centre stemmed from both Sam and Julie going through their own health issues. Sam had a hysterectomy at 41 and Julie had a difficult journey after the birth of her daughter which resulted in her seeking a variety of therapies to help. Without the therapists they sought, they would not have the positive outlook they have on life now.

Their individual therapy experiences changed their lives in the most positive way and by creating this centre, they hope they can help other women in a similar position to get the same positive outlook following adversity.

They want to help real women get the support that is needed to ensure they have a positive journey through whatever life has thrown at them.


Sams background has nothing to do with health or fitness (aside from being a keen exerciser), she is fully qualified accountant and has worked for and owned many numerous successful businesses ranging from lingerie, to interior design.

Sam has two wonderful children in their teens who keep her busy and a very energetic cocker spaniel who helps keep her fit.

Random things about Sam:

She loves cleaning! So the welnness centre will always be spotless!

Her children laugh at her all the time because she is officially the shortest member of the family. Not helped by the fact she married someone who is 6.5″

She loves all food but carrot cake is the best invention in the world

She is happiest when she is out walking wiht her kids and her dog


Julie trained as a professional ballet dancer at Northern Ballet School. She danced in a company then turned from ballet to musical theatre which landed her in Disneyland Paris as a dancer in the shows and parades. It was a life changing move and a life changing job. Having spent two years living in the Disney bubble of happiness and big smiles, it was time to come home and find a ‘normal’ job.

She started working at a small local gym as a receptionist and quickly fell in love with the environment. She trained as a fitness instructor, then an aerobics instructor, then eventually a personal trainer and has never looked back since.

Julie has two young children and a very lazy Siberian Husky who keeps her company when she is doing her admin work, mostly by lying on her feet keeping them warm!

Random things about Julie:

She loves to cook. She will cook just about anything
She is happiest when she is by the beach
She is a self confessed chocoholic
She is obsessed with house plants and gardening and even names each of her houseplants! All of the plants in the centre are lovingly nurtured and cared for by Julie (Sam isn’t allowed to touch them!)


How was the course beneficial to you? "Increase in strength and overall confidence to complete the activities in each session which has definitely helped my post-pregnancy self esteem.”

Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman

“I had a c-section massage with Julie almost a year after having my daughter. The massage helped with my breathing, the tightness and also helped to smooth it. Julie’s advice is brilliant she helped me with getting my core and pelvic floor strength back safely, I still use the exercises and massage she taught me... highly recommend!”

C-section Scar Therapy Treatment

Suffering from bad knees and not knowing how to get back into exercise, Sam has been an absolute gift. She modifies all the exercises accordingly so I can still be part of a group and never does she make me feel singled out or less adequate. She is compassionate and patient and I can already see the changes.

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman