Happy Body Project Wellness Centre

Our Ethos is to create the highest quality health and wellness hub for people to come and receive the best possible care when facing the various changes and challenges that we experience in our lives.

Our carefully selected team are able to offer the highest possible care and support through medical, alternative and holistic therapies and all are tailored to your needs and wishes.

Two Women - One Amazing Vision

Sam and Julie created this beautiful space with the intention of being able to offer a complete circle of care, whether that be through talking therapy, massage therapy, holistic services or fitness & wellness classes.

We have both benefitted from the services we now offer so we understand from first hand experience how life changing therapy can be.

We knew Bedford needed somewhere where leading specialists could congregate and work together to improve the lives of Bedford’s local and wider community.


“Julie's classes manage to deliver a unique balance of focus, determination and challenging myself at the same time as relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the company of other like minded ladies”

Holistic Core Restore® Heat

Bliss! Super relaxing, chilled and perfectly organised Super informative, lots of practical tips and theory. I couldn't compliment it enough!

Sleep Retreat

Wonderful, Educational, Relaxing It exceeded my expectations. I didn't really know what to expect but I feel so much more informed and it's lovely to come away with knowledge as well as having a lovely day. Run another one so I can come back!

Sleep Retreat